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Ignoring Social Media Is Whisky Business

Maker’s Mark learns a lesson In a surprise announcement over the weekend, Maker’s Mark, the Loretto, KY-based whisky producer, recanted their recent decision to water down their 90 proof bourbon in order to stretch supplies. It seems their devotees had … Continue reading

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Setting the bar for social media bios

An excellent Twitter bio Before I parse this Twitter bio and tell you why it’s so deserving, I want you to read it, as I did, without any further information about the user to whom it belongs. So here it … Continue reading

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Social Media is Not About You

The title of this post comes from something that @krochmal, a Columbia University professor said: “Social media is not about you,” he shared with the group at large during a feedback plenary session. “It is about connecting with people and … Continue reading

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Which Twitter client is right for you?

There is a surfeit of Twitter clients out there – applications that you download onto your computer that collect and filter tweets for you. The idea of using a Twitter client is that you can peruse tweets by Twitter accounts … Continue reading

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Tweet of the day, or, the humor of hash tags

Here’s a tweet that made me laugh in sympathetic agreement: @Brenna_E: i really kinda hate hashtags #hypocrite (Tuesday, Feb. 15, 9:09 am) Brenna is addressing an irritation that I’d wager most of us feel with hash tags, for though they … Continue reading

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A burger joint tweets, and Wisconsin listens

Did you know that social media provides the perfect platform for customer service? In this article, Troy Janisch of socialmeteor.com outlines four tenets of customer service that AJ Bombers, a burger joint in Milwaukee, WI, has mastered completely via social … Continue reading

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Think Before You Tweet and Post

I can’t emphasize this point enough. Social media takes planning, and it’s not just a one-sided effort – make sure you’re engaging with others! While you’re tweeting and posting, be sure that you are conscious of what personality your conveying. … Continue reading

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