Learn from the Pros

Ok, so you’ve opened your twitter and facebook accounts, you’ve got a title for your blog…now what?

Before you start flooding cyberspace with your business, take some time to learn from the best. Here are lists of pros, whether they label themselves as such or not, who really engage others in an effective and interesting way on twitter and facebook. This is not an exhaustive list, but should give you some ideas on how best to utilize these platforms. I keep this list updated, so check back often, and please suggest people or businesses you think should be added.


SreeTips: Sree Sreenivasan is Dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, a professor, and a social media guru. On his fan page, you can see the extent of his reach through the number of comments and reactions he gets from colleagues, students and friends. He also posts events at the School.


Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ garnered national attention when he began helping people dig out during the big blizzard in December, 2010. Residents alerted him to streets and driveways that were not plowed via twitter, and he took action and got more plows moving. He also launched a #letsmove fitness campaign, and has engaged with and inspired people nationally who are trying to lose weight with him.

the Waffle Truck: This NYC food vendor sells “good things belgian”, and is constantly responding to praise and quips from followers. They also announce the locations of their carts, and almost daily promos on this twitter account. As I write, they’re offering free dinges to whoever names two countries that border Belgium when they stop by. They are therefore not only encouraging online engagement, but physical presence, as well.

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