Consulting Services

I offer a comprehensive array of services that will assist you in strengthening your brand’s presence on today’s popular social media platforms.


If you are uninterested in promoting your brand via social media yourself, or need help getting started, I can create and manage campaigns for you on Twitter, Facebook, blogging platforms and geolocation services like Foursquare.

Content and Statistics

If you have already launched a social media campaign, but need to make it more effective, I can perform a content and statistical analysis, the outcome of which will provide suggestions on better ways to connect with your audience and increase potential for revenue.


If you just need advice on what and how to tweet, post, blog, or use any other social media platform, I can help you gain the nohow you’ll need to find your niche and flourish.

Contact Me

If you are interested in any of the above services, or would like more information, please contact me in the comments section below, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter I look forward to working with you!


4 Responses to Consulting Services

  1. Ann Kleboe says:

    I would like to talk to you some time re how to use linked in and face book securely.I am in Beth Finke’s class at the Chicago Cultural Center. I could call you on my cell any time except on Wednesdays.

  2. Ann Kleboe says:

    May be Twitter willbe better than facebook. I need more info about Twitter. I have been quite reluctant about facebook. Ann

  3. Omar Binno says:

    Hi Eliza, my name is Omar Binno, and I’d like to talk to you about your services. I have an audio production studio and would like to utilize social media to market the services. I’d also like to get some help with using twitter and jaws screenreader. Thanks, and look forward to talking with you.

  4. I have just spent a little time reading your blogs. I love the way that you are in love with life and I truly admire your command of social media.

    I am instructing a course for educated people with disabilities designed to enhance their competitive edge in the job search and job interviewing experience. I am disabled myself however, I am not social media savvy and I have no clue about how to instruct the participants to get the best from social media regarding job search and marketing oneself to employers. I NEED YOUR HELP and so do the course participants. Since we are located in St. Louis Missouri and you are not, I am thinking in terms of a Skype presentation or some kind of webinar presentation??

    Unfortunately, I work for a non-for-profit agency. We do not charge our participants nor do we have funding to support this effort. I have nothing to offer in return for your services outside of much gratitude.

    Is this a deal breaker and if so, can you suggest some one equivalent to your skills and preferably disabled?

    Thank you for your time.

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