Setting the bar for social media bios

An excellent Twitter bio

Before I parse this Twitter bio and tell you why it’s so deserving, I want you to read it, as I did, without any further information about the user to whom it belongs. So here it is:

Internet geologist. Health care gadfly. Community colleague. Currently reading: Oddly Normal by @jswatz

Why it is excellent

This bio
intrigued me from the beginning with the words “Internet geologist.” I am unfamiliar with this digital subset of geology and suspect that the user made it up, but it grabbed my attention and sounds like an awesome occupation. Actually,
Susannah Fox, author of this Twitter bio, is the Associate Director, Digital Strategy for the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, where she studies and blogs about the relationship between technology, the internet and health care. With such a long job title, Ms. Fox was smart to wordsmith it in such a clever and intriguing way. I admire the way this job title and later use of the word “gadfly” lend an almost playful tone to what might otherwise be a difficult occupation for strangers like me to comprehend.

Ms. Fox also includes a “currently reading” section which, she confirms via tweet, she keeps updated. This not only shows that she cares about maintaining her Twitter presence and keeping it current, but tells us more about where her interests lie. Plus, she took the time to check if the author of her current reading choice,
NYTimes reporter John Schwartz,
is on Twitter and gives him credit by referencing his handle.

All of the elements I’ve highlighted in @SusannahFox’s bio combine to promote an image of someone who is professional yet humorous, and who has quite the social media savvy; someone we can all learn from, perhaps.


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