Here’s Looking at You, Twitter

Looking back at 2012, socially

We’ve reached that time of year when every source of media begins airing their year-in-review montages. Admittedly, I look forward to the year’s news highlights reel, because I am always appalled by how many stories I’ve forgotten or mistakenly archived in the more distant past. Well, now I have social highlights to review, as well.
Twitter, where I get much of the breaking news these days, set the bar pretty high this year by presenting two cool ways to view 2012.

On their designated
2012 page, Twitter has amassed the year’s biggest trending hash tags, the most tweeted about world events, and the most re-tweeted celebrity tweets, among other highlights. Arguably, the most celebrated tweet was
@BarackObama’s “Four more years” tweet, which garnered more than 810,000 re-tweets.

Twitter has also partnered with Vizify to bring its users a graphical representation of their individual activity on Twitter this year (or as I sarcastically call it, much to the protest of my followers, my “twactivity”). Unfortunately, Vizify only seems to work for those who are not incessant tweeters, so that users like @isalara, who has almost 37,000 tweets to her name, produced an info graphic that only showed her activity since September. Ah well, I suppose such imperfections mean that we can look forward to improvements in next year’s annual roundups.

What do you notice when you look back on your year on Twitter or other social media platforms? Did you have any success using Vizify and did you like what you saw? Let me know in the comments below or @Elizain140 on Twitter.


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