On SoundCloud, Journalism Sounds Cooler Than Ever

SoundCloud was originally a popular platform on which deejays and audio mixing fanatics shared their newest creations, but it has morphed into a service with a much broader appeal.
This article
explains that journalists are now using SoundCloud as a way to post interviews and content from radio programs. As a listener, I use SoundCloud these days as one of my podcast feeds: I haven’t subscribed to
“Bull’s Eye with Jesse Thorn” podcast on iTunes, for example, because its new episodes appear in my stream whenever I’m on SoundCloud.

I relish this platform most, though, for its experimental soundscapes. NPR tried something bold and new this year when they crowdsourced listeners local city sounds through their
#NPRcities hash tag
on the service. Individual journalists like
Ben Sisario
are also submitting interesting soundscapes as a hobby. I look forward to the day when audio from SoundCloud users is featured in radio news updates, as YouTube videos have increasingly done.

If you like, you can
follow my progress as I begin my journey up into the SoundCloud.
And, be sure to share your SoundCloud in the comments below, so we can check out your sounds!


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I am a social media specialist, technology enthusiast, avid reader and lover of life.
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