The Best Online Home for your Resume

If you haven’t yet created a profile on
here’s another reason that you should:

LinkedIn now has a resume feature (at, which allows you to convert your profile into one of a host of resume templates with a click.


LinkedIn creates your resume by pulling your information off your profile, then allowing you to reorganize it and target each resume version as you’d like by dragging sections into your desired order. The resume templates (of which there are half a dozen or so) range in look and style from “classic” to “executive” (more sophisticated and detailed) to “slice” (orange and a bit too cool- and postmodern-looking).

You can export each version to a .PDF, or share a dedicated link via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Significant Disadvantages


You’ve probably noticed by now that whenever you make a change to your profile, LinkedIn sends out an update to your network. If you decide to reorganize your profile completely, won’t your network be pestered unnecessarily? There should be a more clear explanation of how to turn off these updates, or how to temporarily disable them while you are beautifying your work experience.


If you want to add an image, you may be as surprised as I was to find that this option is only available on a couple of the templates. I have a classically-styled resume with my logo displayed prominently at the top, but the templates that allow me to include it are too complicated or racy-looking for what I need. I hope LinkedIn will make an adjustment to this option.

PDF Conversion

Following up on my last point about images, I discovered that if you add your picture or logo to one of the available templates, its location on your resume seems to change when you convert to a .PDF. Hopefully I missed something, and there is a way to combat this evil shift.


Despite my complaints, I love LinkedIn’s resume building concept. It makes job hunting and keeping track of resume versions much more streamlined, and erases clutter from my desktop. I hope that some day we won’t need to attach a .PDF to emails, but will simply include our resume’s unique link, and consequentially build out our LinkedIn networks even more,

What do you think? Do you like or dislike this resume tool?


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4 Responses to The Best Online Home for your Resume

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  2. bethfinke says:

    Thanks for this post. Maybe it will finally motivate me to take another look at linkedin!

  3. I wanted to thank you for this fantastic read!
    ! I absolutely loved every little bit of it. I’ve got you book-marked to check out new stuff you post…

    • elizacooper says:

      Thanks for this really nice comment! It is feedback like yours that pushes me to make this blog bigger and better in 2013. Please continue to let me know what you think!

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