Never Neglect Your Reader

Those of us who work in social media are getting increasingly obsessed with finding ways to quantify our online efforts. What effect are our campaigns having on the business’ bottom line? If the effect isn’t immediate and tangible, should we panic?

The importance of text

At times I forget that friends who follow me who do not work in social media are more interested in tweets that contain a humorous anecdote or interesting discovery from my daily life. With this fact in mind, I always endeavor to mix captivating content with links to interesting articles. I like the creativity of posting and tweeting, and view the challenge of composing readable and interesting text in a confined space like a puzzle.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t spend time making sure each tweet or post we disseminate is properly composed and targeted. Do make sure you’re taking the time to research the proper hash tags to use, the right people to @mention, the URL shortener that will best track the statistics that you’ll want on your link. I urge you not to focus solely on these elements of your posts and tweets, though. Equal effort should be placed in making your text interesting to your readers. The text of your tweet or post, after all, is what is going to make people interested in clicking on your link; it is your foundation.


If you ever doubted that Twitter could be a creative space, read this
New York Times article: “The Rise of Twitter Poetry”.
Here we have further evidence that, though most people won’t click on the links you post or tweet, many are reading your output for content, and with critical eyes, at that. We should always assume that we have readers, and should be sure that we are giving them something to read – not just linking to something else.

Not sure how to tweet creatively? Monday (World Poetry Day and Twitter’s birthday) is the perfect time to try your hand at it. Make sure you follow the #poetweet hash tag throughout the day to see other wordsmiths at work, and jump in and put out a little #poetwy of your own.


About elizacooper

I am a social media specialist, technology enthusiast, avid reader and lover of life.
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