Advice for the Follower, and for the Followed

When I browse profiles on Twitter and observe that the number of people a brand is following either far exceeds or is equal to the number of their followers, I am rather unimpressed. Either that person doesn’t know how to use Twitter, or is not promoting themselves correctly yet. Below are ways to avoid this numbers problem, and I hope you’ll add your suggestions to the comments.

In building your brand’s presence on Twitter, it is important to consider every aspect of how you are coming across to the twirled (Twitter world…get it?). Even something as basic as the number of followers you have versus the number of people you are following, or as I like to call it The Follower/Following Ratio.

Do NOT Follow Without Purpose:

Following at random will hurt you more than it helps you. When starting out, you may find that you need to follow a few hundred people to get noticed, but make sure that those people are colleagues, work in a similar industry, or would be likely targets for your brand with whom you plan to engage. If you find that you are following 1000 people and only have a few hundred followers, you probably need to re-think your campaign content and strategy. Refine, re-try, and discover what works for you.

Do Not Always Follow Back:

Don’t be afraid to be selective. If you are a mass market shoe vendor (as was the woman seated next to me on a plane yesterday), and a proclaimed avid hockey fan follows you, let him/her be. Though there is no need to block irrelevant followers, there is also no need to follow them. Their tweets may clutter your feed, and the likelihood that you will want to jump into their conversations is low.

Acknowledging a Follow:

If someone who I choose not to follow back looked pretty interesting but not relevant enough to my brand, I might send them a tweet that acknowledges the fact that I looked at their profile and appreciate the follow. For example, if the author of a popular shoe blog follows me out of the blue, I might skim through their latest blog posts and tweet my thanks and that I checked out their blog. They’ll be more likely to mention me in tweets in the future, and might return the favor and visit my blog. If you fall into this category (and even if you don’t), thanks for reading!


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I am a social media specialist, technology enthusiast, avid reader and lover of life.
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