A burger joint tweets, and Wisconsin listens

Did you know that social media provides the perfect platform for customer service? In this article, Troy Janisch of socialmeteor.com outlines four tenets of customer service that AJ Bombers, a burger joint in Milwaukee, WI, has mastered completely via social media.

What I like about AJ Bombers’ social media strategy is that they not only field questions and requests and apologize for customers’ bad experiences, but they reach out. As Janisch reports, they invite tweeters in their area who mention hunger, burgers, etc, on twitter to visit them, and thank people for coming. And guess what, their mammoth number of followers indicates that their appreciation goes a long way. Solicitation, if properly managed by a business, can guarantee a spot ahead of their competition.

How is your business engaging in social media? Do most of your interactions fall into the category of customer service?


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I am a social media specialist, technology enthusiast, avid reader and lover of life.
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2 Responses to A burger joint tweets, and Wisconsin listens

  1. Joe Sorge says:

    Thanks so much Eliza!

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