Oh, no, a LinkedIn Competitor!

A new facebook app called BranchOut is trying to steal LinkedIn’s thunder. Do you think it will succeed?

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it allows us to separate our professional lives from our social ones. I was hesitant to display my work history on my facebook profile because I didn’t think it would be necessary. None of my friends would go to my profile to see where I worked, would they?

Now this new BranchOut app comes along. It has a good tag line: “Tap into your friend network for an inside connection” (http://apps.facebook.com/BranchOut). It has a good point: I do have friends on facebook who I’m not yet connected to on LinkedIn. It has a great name which conjures the comparison of my professional network to the stature of a tree – third-degree contact = spindly, bare branch, perhaps?

But still, I like LinkedIn. It is constantly being improved with new nifty features. It has job postings and ads specifically geared to job seekers. Recruiters actively reach out to its members. And, most importantly, when I visit the site, I don’t get distracted by chats, pokes, walls, news feeds, or apps. I know why I’m there. For now, I think I’ll keep it that way. What about you?

Are you planning to switch over, if this BranchOut app seems as good as LinkedIn? Do you think I’m being too curmudgeonly? Set me straight; go ahead!


About elizacooper

I am a social media specialist, technology enthusiast, avid reader and lover of life.
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