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Quora, a new social network of questions and answers supplied and edited by you and me, could be a huge leap forward in the wiki world.  I might even start looking for answers on Quora instead of Google.

Have you ever posted an article on wikipedia or edited one?  Neither have I.  Still, I research things on that site all the time.  Now there’s Quora, which provides an easier (and potentially faster) way to get your questions answered, no matter how broad or philosophical they might be.  You can “follow” individuals or topics of interest, provide answers to questions that other users have posted, or, if you’re brave, post your own.  I did, so we’ll see what happens.

In their instructions on using the site, the Quora team promotes kindness and open-mindedness toward your fellow user, and proper use of grammar and punctuation. (I love that they’re sticklers for these things, as I am).

I highly recommend checking out  Let me know what you think of it!



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I am a social media specialist, technology enthusiast, avid reader and lover of life.
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