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A burger joint tweets, and Wisconsin listens

Did you know that social media provides the perfect platform for customer service? In this article, Troy Janisch of outlines four tenets of customer service that AJ Bombers, a burger joint in Milwaukee, WI, has mastered completely via social … Continue reading

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Could you be an entrepreneur? Jeffrey Klein knows what it takes

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t crave the stability of a nine-to-five job, and who would risk a lot for something you believe in, perhaps you are an entrepreneurial type. In a talk on starting media businesses that … Continue reading

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My Tweet Pick of the Day

Regarding the news that Larry Page is replacing Eric Schmidt as CEO of Google, @caro, a journalist covering the digital age and social media, tweeted the following: 01/20/2011, 4:09 pm ET: Schmidt happens. It’s brevity, humor and timelessness make it … Continue reading

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Oh, no, a LinkedIn Competitor!

A new facebook app called BranchOut is trying to steal LinkedIn’s thunder. Do you think it will succeed? The great thing about LinkedIn is that it allows us to separate our professional lives from our social ones. I was hesitant … Continue reading

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Think Before You Tweet and Post

I can’t emphasize this point enough. Social media takes planning, and it’s not just a one-sided effort – make sure you’re engaging with others! While you’re tweeting and posting, be sure that you are conscious of what personality your conveying. … Continue reading

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Are Tweets Replacing the Resume?

For the ad agency Campbell Mithun, yes. They have begun a campaign to recruit this summer’s interns, not by perusing their resumes, but by viewing a collection of 13 tweets per candidate. This is one more proof of the power … Continue reading

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Keeping an Eye on ROI

If you’ve been delving into social media marketing recently, or even if you haven’t, you may have seen the acronym ROI thrown around with increasing frequency. What should this mean to you? If you’re implementing social media as a promotion … Continue reading

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